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Application Forms / Online Application

For HKU students or graduates

  • Transcript

(A transcript lists the courses of study attended by a student and the examination results, if appropriate.)
Application Form (PDF)

  • Testimonial

(A testimonial certifies the qualification(s) awarded to a student by the University.)
Application Form (Word format) (PDF format)
(for current students)

Sample (for graduates)

  • Certification


(For certification of HKU syllabuses, HKU graduation certificates and verification of enrolment on an official document.)
Appication Form
(Word format) (PDF format)

  • Certificate of Graduation

(A Certificate of Graduation certifies that a student has successfully completed the requirements for the conferment of a degree in the Congregation Ceremony in Fall 2014.)


  • Replacement of Graduation Certificates


Application Form (Word format) (PDF Format)


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