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Self Recommendation Scheme at HKU


We are dedicated to whole-person education.  Many HKU programmes have already been taking into account applicants' achievements in extra-curricular activities and community services in arriving at admissions decisions in the past.  In affirmation of our belief in the holistic development of individuals, HKU has joined the JUPAS Self Recommendation Scheme (SRS) starting from the 2006-2007 admissions exercise.


If you have outstanding non-academic achievements, you are encouraged to let us know by joining the SRS, so that we can take these into account when making admissions decisions.  The University will consider your SRS submission provided that you have:

  1. listed one or more HKU programmes among your JUPAS Band A choices after the reprioritization exercise; and
  2. satisfied the University minimum entrance requirements as well as the entrance requirements of the chosen programmes.
Participation in the SRS is however entirely voluntary.  Don't feel compelled to do so.  If you don't join the SRS, your JUPAS application will continue to be considered based on your academic results and such other aspects as interview performance and principal's nomination.


You should submit an e-portfolio of your non-academic achievements by completing the "Self Recommendation Portfolio" section under your online JUPAS application form at the JUPAS website no later than February 25, 2011.


The information you submitted under the SRS and through the JUPAS will be considered alongside your public examination results.  Candidates selected under the SRS would be given a higher priority in the merit order list for the JUPAS iteration during the main round exercise.  The University will not however inform applicants separately of the decisions under the SRS.

Contact Us

You will be able to find detailed application instructions at the JUPAS website.  For further queries, e-mail us at or call us on 2859 2433.